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“I read this book with my elementary school-age daughter and we both loved it. I am a lawyer and always looking for ways for my kids to understand what I do as a profession, but also to understand the legal system in general. I also love the fact that the book is self published – shows a real independence of spirit and dedication in my opinion. I lived in DC for a few years and appreciated all of the local references, as well as the realistic portrayal of family units and smart young girls. The book is also a helpful way to introduce the important topic of voting rights. My daughter wants to read more – I hope the author continues the journey!”


“I have this book as well as the coloring book. This is a very entertaining book, targeted for children but a good read for adults as well. I purchased for me as well as for gifts for my friends. It’s a great book!!!”


“Cute read. I am 34 years old and loved it. Gave it to my 11 year old niece, who loved it too. Great to share with her since I just graduated law school and taking the bar so soon to be a law-yer!”


“Cute book. Empowering words to your young daughter’s. Educational too.”