JP Kids Mock Trial Academy

In July 2020, we are launching our first virtual Juris P. Prudence Mock Trial Academy! We are thrilled to give children (9-12 years old) the opportunity to virtually collaborate and conduct their own mock trial, arguing the topic, “Should Children Have the Right to Vote?”

Our weeklong academy will begin with the virtual Juris P. Prudence law school for kids, where students will learn key laws that will help them argue their case. At the end of the academy, students will have the opportunity to present their case virtually. Enrollment for the academy begins soon. Class sizes are limited to 15 students.

Enter your contact information for details on how to enroll your child in the Juris P. Prudence Mock Trial Academy.

Here’s what parents had to say about our in-person academies:

  • -“My daughter came up to me after the Academy exclaiming she now wants to become a judge!”
  • -“ Very realistic!”
  • -“It was well-organized! Thank you!”
  • -“Kids love role playing—and Juris Prudence helps get kids engaged, learning through practice. Great them, great volunteers, and a brilliant educational experience!”
  • -“The Juris Prudence Mock Trial was so realistic and a very interesting case. I will definitely be coming back in the future!” (Review from academy student)
  • -“Very nice event for children to begin to understand how the law works”
  • “A great opportunity to expose children to the role of a judge & lawyer in a trial courtroom!”
  • “A great opportunity to give kids a taste of what it’s like in a courtroom; also helps kids in general to develop and defend their arguments.”
  • -“Good opportunity to develop oratorical skills”
  • -“It was a really great experience—unique—in a great setting”
  • -“This event was well-organized, the curriculum sturdy, geared to the right age and my son really liked it. It was also exciting and cool to be at a university.”
  • -“This is an excellent – well thought out workshop! The great level of detail was apparent in every step of the process – from registration to the set up of the classroom to ending interviews! The judge robes, the gavel and the judge’s bench just put this over the top! The worksheets were of high quality. There were even snacks provided for the children. Excellent program!”
  • -“My daughter was so energized by the trial academy and it gave her a sense of confidence in her ability to speak up for her beliefs.”