Briefcase of Juris P. Prudence (Author-Signed Copy)




Juris “J.P.” Prudence always wondered if her parents named her Juris because they knew that she was destined to become a lawyer. Her parents probably never expected that she would become a lawyer at just eleven years old and use her law degree to change history. Last year, JP and her best friends, Sofia “Sofie” Flores-Ramirez, Isabel “Izzy” Carrington, and Madeline “Maddy” Rosenfeld, finished the law program that they started at the National Kids Leaders Academy at the early age of five years old. Despite the fact that they are only eleven years old, they are now real lawyers. Since passing the bar exam, they have not done anything to put their law degrees to use, that is, until the day that J.P. and her best friends form a law firm to change the law for kids.   Appropriate for children ages 7-12 years old.


The Briefcase of Juris P. Prudence will be signed by the author, Jessica Childress, with a special note to the book’s recipient.  On your order, please include the name of the person for whom the book is being signed.